Top 5 Black Toilet Seats of 2023

Black toilet seats have become more popular within the home improvement industry because of their sleek and modern look. They can accurately go with any type of design that you already have in your bathroom, and they even make the rest of the white toilet design stand out. If you already have a black toilet, having the black toilet seat can match the rest of its style while also making it easy to assemble together without worrying about color-matching the hinges and other parts. Given their benefits, many people are becoming increasingly interested in purchasing black toilet seats for the bathrooms in their house. But which black toilet seat would be the best for you? Here are seven of the best toilet seats in black on the market, based on my personal experience and research. In addition to those reviews, there is also some helpful information about how to choose the best toilet seat.

As someone who has recently renovated my own bathroom, I can personally vouch for the impact a black toilet seat can have on the overall design. I have tried and tested a variety of black toilet seats during my search for the perfect one, and I'd like to share my insights with you to help you make an informed decision.

Buying Guide

How to Choose

What’s the shape of your toilet?

Before anything else, you should figure out what shape your toilet is. There are two main shapes that most standard toilets are constructed, those being either round or elongated shapes. Round shapes are more popular and they seem to be the standard shape that most homes have. But elongated toilet shapes have also been growing in popularity over the years. It’s important to figure out what shape your toilet is because the seat will have to cover the bowl completely. So when you have a seat that resembles a shape different to that of the bowl, then there isn’t a purpose to using the seat.

What style seat do you want?

You may also want to think about what style you prefer your seat to be in. You’ll want the seat to fit with the rest of your bathroom theme and decor, so if you have a modern, classy, traditional, simple or even just a comfortable bathroom theme, your seat should match that. Also included within the style of seats, you should consider whether you want a seat with an open or closed front. Open-front seats have an incomplete circle and they usually don’t come with a lid to cover the seat. That being said, they tend to be more sanitary. On the other hand, closed-front seats have a complete, closed design that offers full protection for your bowl. Although they’re more unsanitary, some people think that they look better.

What kind of closure method do you prefer?

Lastly, you must consider what type of seat closure you prefer. Most people have seats with the standard slam-type close. Once you push the lid or the seat down, you’ll have to place your hands below it so that it doesn’t make a loud sound slamming on to the seat or the bowl. Slow-close or quiet-close seats are becoming more popular on the market because of their multiple benefits. Unlike standard seats that are loud and require that you touch the lid, slow-close seats only require that you push down on the seat from the top of the lid. The seat is built with a mechanism that catches the seat and stops it from slamming. Not only is this the quieter option, but it’s more sanitary in only requiring that you touch the top of the lid (1).

Features to Consider Before Purchasing

Mounting method and installation

Before you choose a certain seat, you should look at what tools you’ll need to install it as well as how it gets mounted. There are usually two types of methods that most seats have, either presenting an integral bolt-and-nut mount or a conventional bolt-and-nut mount. The integral method seems to be less common, as it’s more difficult to install and remove. You would have to drill the nut out if you ever wanted to remove the integral mounting system. But it does have a more durable design and it appears to be sleeker.


Aside from the mounting procedure, you should also consider what type of material each seat is made out of. Most typical seats are produced with high-impact plastic material. It’s the easiest to produce and it’s versatile. Plastic seats do tend to get colder during the winter months though, and they’re more likely to split over time and show streaks from toilet bowl cleaners. Another common material is wood, but you’ll want a wood that’s coated in some type of protective finish. Most seats made from wood have an enameled finish or a plastic coating over them. This helps to prevent the wood from splitting or staining over long-term use. Natural wood seats also tend to be warmer than plastic seats. Lastly, you have the ability to choose seats made from a padded cushion. Usually, the seats have either a thick cushion substance or they feature a harder core substance that’s then coated with padding. These are more comfortable and softer to use, but they aren’t as durable as plastic or wood seats (1).

Product Reviews

1. Bemis Commercial Heavy-Duty Open-Front Black Seat

Available with 300 series stainless steel posts and pintles, this Commercial Heavy-Duty Open-Front Black Seat for toilets from Bemis offers a durable and sturdy elongated design. The stainless steel hardware is coated in order to prevent rust and corrosion from developing over time.

The seat itself is produced from a commercial plastic material that’s able to resist chips, stains or even wears over time. That being said, the durable plastic construction makes it great for commercial use. The open—front design also makes it beneficial commercially because it’s more sanitary and there isn’t a cover that you’ll have to close.

As for the installation, this Bemis seat includes an STA-TITE commercial fastening system that keeps the seat from moving. You can easily install the seat with a snap.


  • Affordable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Eco-friendly


  • There’s no seat cover with the seat

2. Mayfair Round Durable Black Seat

If you’re a consumer who needs a durable and comfortable round seat for your toilet, then you may benefit from this seat from Mayfair. It features a round design that presents a closed-front style. The seat comes with everything that you’ll need to install it, and it also features an STA-TITE Fastening System that makes it easy to fasten to the toilet bowl.

The seat is constructed out of an enameled wood material that’s coated in a high-gloss finish. This gives it more durability in preventing any scratching or wear and tear from developing as you use it over time.

The STA-TITE Fastening System not only makes the seat easy to install while just needing a wrench, but it also prevents the seat from moving or coming loose.


  • High-gloss finish gives the seat durability
  • Affordable
  • Can be removed quickly for easy cleaning


  • Comes with plastic hinges that aren’t as durable as others

3. Kohler Reveal Quiet-Close Elongated Seat

Constructed with a durable plastic material, this seat from Kohler is shaped to fit a wide range of elongated toilets. It has a closed-front design and a quiet-close feature that allows you to simply move the lid and seat down a bit before the seat quietly closes on its own.

The quiet-close feature also makes this seat a more sanitary option, since you don’t have to hold the lid until it’s down. Also regarding the lid, this seat has an over-hanging cover that hides the rest of the seat and gives it a sleek and classy appearance.

Lastly, you can easily install this seat with the quick-attach hardware included. The hinges are black along with the seat, even further adding to the sleek design. And there are grip-tight bumpers included to prevent this seat from moving or coming loose the more you use it.


  • Constructed with an over-hanging lid design
  • Has grip-tight bumpers
  • Comes with black hinges


  • More expensive than many other seats

4. Bemis Alesio II Slow-Close Black Seat

The Bemis Alesio II Slow-Close Black Seat is highly suggested for any consumer interested in retrieving a more adjustable and customizable seat for elongated toilets. This seat from Bemis is adjustable because of its Precision Seat Fit technology in which the hinges can adjust in order to fit any elongated bowl perfectly.

The seat is produced with a high-density enameled wood material that gives it long-lasting results. And the elongated style features a closed-front design. To make the seat more sanitary and user-friendly, you can utilize the slow-close features. Not only do you limit your touching the lid with this technology, but the seat also closes quietly.

The hinges are made from a brushed nickel material, and you can easily install the seat with the STA-TITE Fastening System included.


  • Includes brushed-nickel hinges
  • Features a Precision Seat Fit adjustable design
  • Eco-friendly


  • There isn’t any hardware or needed tools for assembling the seat

5. Kohler Lustration Elongated Open-Front Seat

Kohler is a really high-quality and trustworthy brand on the market known for delivering reliable, long-lasting products. With this toilet seat, in particular, Kohler constructed the Lustra with an open-front design to offer users a more sanitary experience. The open-front design also helps to quiet the sound made when the seat cover falls. The seat itself is constructed with durable plastic material, and it’s suitable for commercial use. Even more, the plastic material is coated in a polypropylene finish that can help to resist any chipping or peeling over time.


  • Made with a polypropylene finish that resists peeling
  • Open-front design offers sanitation
  • Black hinge covers for a sleek look


  • One of the more expensive seats on the market


Overall, toilet seats that are black have the ability to complete the look of your bathroom. They offer a more sleek design that can complement practically any theme that your bathroom has. Whether you have a black or a white toilet, having a black seat cover can help to complete the overall look while adding a modern touch. After reviewing each of these products and personally testing them in my own home, I’ve concluded that product #5: KOHLER K-4008-7 Reveal Quiet-Close with Grip-Tight Bumpers Elongated Toilet Seat is the winner. Not only is it constructed out of a sturdy plastic with a protective coating, but it also presents a modern design that allows the seat lid to cover the rest of the seat. In my experience, the grip-tight bumpers truly make a difference in ensuring the seat stays securely in place. Given this along with the black hinges and overall high-quality design, I highly recommend the KOHLER K-4008-7 Reveal Quiet-Close with Grip-Tight Bumpers Elongated Toilet Seat for those looking to enhance their bathroom's appearance and functionality.

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