What toilet seat fits my toilet seat style?

Everyone's got a different hairstyle or clothing fashion that they present to the world. The same is true for the bathroom. When family and friends come over to visit, what is it that you want them to see? How do you want it to feel when you or your guests sit down? Are you looking for a lid and seat that's bold and comfortable? Or are you looking for something classic and durable? Keep reading for the best toilet seats that will fit any style.

Fun and funky toilet seats

If you like to live life on the wild side or want more color and life in your bathroom. The fun and funky toilet seats are right up your alley. These toilet seats are colorful, can have fun images and beautiful graphics on them. Some even have objects inside resin for special effect.
Toilets and More is a great example of an inventive online store. They carry unique toilet seats that have are hand made by an artist. This shop sells toilet seats and toilet seat covers that glow in the dark, have special inlay, or custom designs. They even carry round, elongated, child size, and boat or marine sizes.
Foter, Etsy, and Amazon have a great selection of novelty toilet seats that also have funky designs on them. You'll find toilet seats with just about anything on it. Toilet seats and lids with money, bling, bears, and leopard print, to rainbows, historical figures. Quotes like "Poop Happens" -- there's a toilet seat for everyone.

Classic and dependable toilet seats

If you're looking for a simple toilet seat that will get business covered, then go for a standard toilet seat. Plastic seats are ergonomic in design, so they bend and flex to fit your bottom more comfortably. Please note that plastic seats may be colder to sit on in the morning or in cold temperatures. But they warm up after a while. These standard types of toilet seats can also support adaptive toileting equipment. Equipment like special cushioned toilet seats and raised seats for adults and seniors.
Toilet seats that are standard and very basic do not come with designs. Although you can customize them later on with toilet tattoos if you wish. Standard toilet seats are typically made of plastic that can be colored white, off-white, or black. But companies manufacture them in a variety of colors. Some companies will even do color matching, taking the color you like and then matching it to a color they have in stock.
Some classic and dependable toilet seats use wood, bamboo, or recycled wood products. These can be as comfortable to sit on, depending on your preference, and can maintain body warmth on a cold day. Be warned, that over time wooden toilet seats can split, crack, or splinter. If not cleaned properly this can lead to increased aging and wear of the seat. The bad news about these cracks and splits in the wood are not optimal. Clean freaks and health conscious individuals should stay away. Nor are they for parents looking to lower their child's contact with germs.

Kid-friendly seat styles

Everyone uses the potty. There are a variety of different types of kid-friendly toilet seats. Some potty training toilet seats that go on top of the regular seat. Combination potty trainers with regular size toilet seats and then there are child-sized toilet seats. Children's toilet seats can come in round and elongated sizing, so you don't have to go out and buy a whole new toilet. Kid's love their television and movie characters. Let them pick out their very own potty seat and help them transition into potty training. Or, get a fun toilet seat and lid for them to reinforce their bathroom use. Get a child-sized style toilet seat to reduce the chance of your child "falling in". Falling into the toilet once can traumatize your child. Smaller seats keep their little hands out of curious places. Kids toilet seats reduce accidents for kids still learning to aim or sit on a toilet.

Teenager approved toilet seat styles

Teenagers love their freedom...and bathrooms. Give teens the freedom to choose their own bathroom items. When designing the family bathroom, or their very own bathroom for that matter. Show them the Etsy and Amazon shops with cool and interesting seat styling. They may think it's weird. But once they see these teen-approved toilet seats, they'll most likely keep looking. Letting them design their bathroom themselves will also help you. It will save you from having to put in the effort of designing their bathroom for them. It's a win-win.

Futuristic toilet seats

Artificial intelligence is making its way into our homes. But don't worry, AI can be very helpful in the home and when it comes to going to the bathroom. We’ve heard of the bidet, a toilet that cleans you using a spray of water and air, instead of toilet paper. They're becoming more and more popular, with good reason. Toilet seats like Ellegantz pride themselves on being quick and easy to install. Taking only 15 to 30 minutes of installation to first use. They are also very hygienic for the user, leaving no trace of toilet paper behind. These futuristic toilet seats customize themselves to your own personal preferences. Cleanliness and even warmth, with a press of a button or remote control. These types of toilet seats are great for tech-lovers. And who doesn't want the best personal hygiene they can find?

Toilet seats for everyone

Everyone uses the restroom. So why not enjoy it? Purchase a toilet seat that fits your home, personality, and fashion. There are basic toilets that are practical and get the job done. Or you can find cute or sporty types for your son and daughter. There are extravagant toilet seats that would make King Tut jealous. Or you can find futuristic toilets that George Jetson would envy. The choices are at your fingertips.
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