Kohler Nightlight Toilet Seat Review

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  • Nightlight and bowl illumination
  • Quiet close feature
  • Stain, chip, and fade resistant
  • Big color selection
  • Easy to fix and clean
  • Replaceable batteries


  • The battery compartment isn't waterproof

Waking up in the middle of the night with a full bladder is no fun, especially when the trip to the bathroom costs you your beauty sleep. Or if it costs your significant other to lose sleep, leaving them grumpy and mad. That is often the case when you must turn on the light to find your way to the bathroom.

Matters tend to compound when you have little kids who find the bathroom to be a dark, scary place at night. They will forever make a beeline to your room to take them to the bathroom. If these midnight bathroom trips are driving you up the walls, the Kohler toilet seat with a nightlight is on hand to solve this particular problem. This Kohler nightlight toilet seat review explores what makes the toilet seat an indispensable accessory in each household.


Kohler Nightlight Toilet Seat

This cachet toilet seat is out to change your household's bathroom experience for the better and eliminate the small causes of irritation before they snowball. Nightlight technology eliminates the need to turn on blinding lights when taking a bathroom break in the dead of the night.

A soft glow on the toilet guides the user right up to the bowl without causing them to stub their toes. No more piercing screams in the middle of the night. The quiet close mechanism keeps the lid from slamming on the toilet bowl when you fumble with it. That keeps your delicate fingers and fingertips free from injuries in addition to eliminating loud bangs when you need to be quiet in the bathroom.

What are lighted Toilet Seats?

If you want to purchase one of the best toilet seats available, there are several factors that you should consider before making a purchase. There are many factors in selecting which type of toilet seat you should purchase, but the most important factor is what type of environment you will be sitting in the toilet. Will the room be an open or closed space? How often are you going to be in the toilet, and are you going to be able to use the toilet while it is in use? The toilet is a very large unit, and often not enough room for you to comfortably sit on.

How dark is the room? This is usually a deciding factor for many people, since bright lights on the toilet can cause the person using the toilet to become drowsy. Some people find it difficult to sit on the toilet with the lights on, especially in a room with a lot of overhead lighting. One of the best lighted toilet seats is the Vintar Motion activated light.

This dark, motion activated toilet seat actually has four different colors of lights. It works as a light sensor so it automatically turns on each time you touch it or rotate it around on its base. It's very safe to use, easy to wipe, and works great with almost any toilet. It also has a safety switch so you can turn the lights off when you are finished. Some models may also have sensors that activate the lights when someone passes by, as long as they are within range. It's important that the toilet seat you choose is designed to fit into your bathroom, because otherwise the toilet will not fit.

Who is this Toilet Seat Meant for?

The cachet toilet seat with a nightlight is meant for anyone looking to improve their bathroom experience. It's especially suited for households with small children.

The nightlight makes the bathroom less scary to little ones in the dead of night. It gives little ones the courage to make the trip all by their lonesome self, leaving you to enjoy your beauty sleep, well, that is until you have to go.

It's the perfect gift for people who tend to fumble their way to the bathroom in the dark as switching on the lights causes them to lose sleep. It'll keep you from bumping into the toilet bowl and improve your aim.

How Do Night Light Toilet Seats Work?

A lot of people don't realize that toilet seat covers come in a variety of different styles and colors. You can choose the best color for the toilet that you're going to put your toilet seat cover on, as well as how much you're willing to spend on that toilet seat cover. There are two main types of toilet seat covers: ones with a hole for the toilet handle, and ones that sit on top of the toilet itself. If you have a toilet that has an integrated seat cover, then you will just need to remove it to use the toilet. You can always buy a new one or replace your old one if it gets worn out.

The toilet seat covers that just sit on the floor also come in a variety of different designs and styles. Some are very simple, just hanging down from the bottom. Others are more elaborate, using ribbons and bows to tie into them, or using chains to hang them down. You can get the toilet seat covers that have the toilet bowl cut out and then used to hold a seat cover. You can also get toilet seat covers that look like they are attached to the toilet itself, using Velcro or snaps instead of buttons. These types of covers can be really stylish, and they can come in a variety of different colors, which will make matching the toilet to your bathroom look much easier.

So, how do night light toilet seats work? The answer is a little bit complicated, but basically, you can choose which type you want, and which color you want, and then you'll know exactly what the toilet will look like when you have it installed. Once you have the toilet fitted, it will be so much easier to change the toilet seat covers to match the toilet, and you won't have to worry about the toilet getting dirty because of all the stains on the toilet seat cover.

Product Information

This cachet toilet seat measures 18.6 inches long, 14.2 inches wide, and 2 inches wide. It's available in 10 different colors that range from white to black. The seat weighs 4.9 pounds, but the packaging materials drive up the shipping weight to 5.25 pounds. It is available for both elongated and round toilet bowls.


LED Nightlight

This cachet toilet boasts a guiding and tasking light that illuminates the toilet bowl during the wee hours of the night. The 4 AA battery-powered nightlight bathes the toilet bowl with a soft blue light when the seat is down. Lifting the seat fills the bowl with just the right amount of light to outline the size of the bowl to improve accuracy. Each set of batteries will serve you for about six months before needing replacing. The nightlight is programmable to run on a 7-hour schedule.

Soft Close

The soft-close feature on this toilet seat eliminates loud bangs that scare you out of your skin in the middle of the night. A gentle nudge is all it takes to have the seat descend quietly and settle noiselessly on the toilet bowl. Coupling the nightlight with the quiet close makes for a stealthy bathroom break at night.

The soft-close feature makes the toilet seat a must-have if you have kids in the house. You can be sure that your little ones won't slam the almost 5 pounds toilet seat on their delicate fingers on their trips to the bathroom. It'll save you numerous trips to the ER on account of broken or sprained fingers.

Quick-Release Mechanism

The cachet toilet seat boasts a quick-release mechanism making it quick and easy to install. The first installation calls for a screwdriver to attach the quick-release mechanism. From there you only need to slide the seat into place for a safe and secure attachment. No tools are necessary when you need to detach the seat for cleaning.

Robust, Durable Construction

The stylish toilet seat is made from solid polypropylene plastic material to give it an extended lifespan. It will not chip even with continued use, and lets you enjoy each trip to the bathroom with enduring cuts, scrapes, or bruises. That also keeps your toilet seat from becoming infested with disease-causing germs.

A Firm and Secure Fit on the Bowl

A set of four tight grip bumpers keeps the seat stable when you're seated on the toilet to ensure a smooth experience and take the pressure off your legs and back. The bumpers and the solid plastic hinge keep the seat in place even with continued usage.


If the idea of having a light on for 7 hours each night is a deal-breaker for you, then you're better off with the Premium Motion Sensor Toilet LED Night Light. This motion sensor attaches to your toilet bowl and lights up when it detects body heat. It illuminates the toilet bowl and will turn off immediately you leave the bathroom. It comes with the added advantage of avoiding the risk of water damage to serve you for a long time.

The Verdict

This Kohler nightlight toilet seat review finds the cachet toilet seat to be an indispensable bathroom accessory and an incredible way to spruce up your bathroom while increasing safety and comfort. It makes the perfect match if turning on the light causes you to lose sleep for long spells. It's an excellent gift to parents whose kids dread going to the bathroom alone at night on account of it being a dark and scary place. It comes in a variety of colors to match just about any design you might have going on in your bathroom.

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