Kohler Nightlight Toilet Seat Review


  • Nightlight and bowl illumination
  • Quiet close feature
  • Stain, chip, and fade resistant
  • Big color selection
  • Easy to fix and clean
  • Replaceable batteries


  • The battery compartment isn't waterproof

As someone who often wakes up in the middle of the night for bathroom breaks, I used to find myself stumbling in the dark and occasionally bumping into objects. Installing the Kohler Nightlight Toilet Seat changed all of that. The soft blue light illuminates the toilet bowl and surrounding area without being too bright, making it easy to navigate my way to the bathroom without disturbing my sleep.

Additionally, I've noticed a positive change in my kids' bathroom habits. Before using the Kohler Nightlight Toilet Seat, my young children were afraid to go to the bathroom at night due to the darkness. With the nightlight, they now feel more comfortable and independent, making their way to the bathroom without needing assistance.

The quiet close feature is another notable benefit. In the past, the loud sound of the toilet seat slamming down would sometimes startle me or wake up other family members. The soft-close mechanism on the Kohler seat has eliminated this issue, ensuring a peaceful and quiet bathroom experience for everyone.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing the Kohler Nightlight Toilet Seat was a breeze. The quick-release mechanism made it easy to attach to the toilet without needing any special tools. The seat is also straightforward to remove for cleaning purposes, which is essential for maintaining hygiene in the bathroom.

Durability and Design

The Kohler Nightlight Toilet Seat is made from solid polypropylene plastic material, ensuring a long-lasting and durable product. In my six months of use, I haven't noticed any signs of wear, such as chipping or fading. The variety of available colors also allowed me to choose one that matched my bathroom's decor perfectly.

Battery Life and Replacement

The 4 AA batteries that power the nightlight have lasted me about six months before needing replacement. While the battery life is reasonable, I do wish the battery compartment was waterproof, as moisture could potentially cause damage over time.


If you're concerned about the seven-hour lighting schedule or potential water damage to the battery compartment, consider the Premium Motion Sensor Toilet LED Night Light. This motion-activated light attaches to the toilet bowl and turns on when it detects body heat. It turns off once you leave the bathroom, providing an energy-efficient alternative.

Final Thoughts

Based on my personal experience, the Kohler Nightlight Toilet Seat is a valuable addition to any household seeking to improve their nighttime bathroom experience. With its nightlight and soft-close features, this toilet seat provides safety and comfort for users of all ages. While the battery compartment's lack of waterproofing is a drawback, the overall benefits of this product outweigh its flaws. If you're interested in purchasing the Kohler Nightlight Toilet Seat, check the latest price on Amazon.com.


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