Bath Royale Premium Elongated Toilet Seat review

Looking for a premium toilet seat but unsure of which one will match your bathroom? As someone who recently renovated their bathroom, I faced the same dilemma. After extensive research and personal experience, I found that Bath Royale promises to match your bathroom and your oval toilet to fit your style and supply your needs. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the Bath Royale Premium toilet seat, compare it to its competitors, and discuss its pros and cons.


  • Fits All Major Toilet Brands
  • Matches most bathroom décor
  • Made of top quality plastic
  • Easy to clean, quick release
  • Slow Close feature


Personal Experience

I have been using the Bath Royale Premium toilet seat for six months, and I am delighted with its performance. Installation was a breeze, and the elongated design perfectly fits my American Standard toilet. The slow-close feature has been a blessing, preventing loud slamming noises and potential finger pinching accidents, especially with children in the house. The quick-release mechanism has made cleaning the toilet seat a hassle-free task. However, I have noticed some slight shifting of the seat after a few months of use, but it hasn't affected the overall functionality.


Instead of the seats painted to look like wood that may scratch or chip and may be prone to water damage as time passes or if it is not coated well. The Bath Royale seat is made of the utmost premium quality polypropylene plastic, which is a material that is more durable and lasts longer than cheap padded seats. These type of cheap seats normally sag and deflate after a period of time and expose foam that can become soaked with water and result in mold and disgusting smells. The Bath Royale brand is resistant of chipping, peeling, and fading and will stay together and the same color for many years.

In fact, it is so durable that it has passed a 400-pound test. It only showed signs of flexing instead of cracking , breaking, or becoming permanently deformed, unlike many other toilet seats brands.

Easy to Clean

Since it is made up of non-absorbent plastic material, you can expect that it is super easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and some mild detergent and you have yourself a nice, clean, and fresh smelling toilet seat.

If you do need to clean it in the tighter spots such as those between the seat mounting posts where dirt and moisture tend to collect. It can easily be achieved with the help of the one-touch quick-release for easy cleaning. This quick release feature allows you to lift the seat off for cleaning and gain easier access to the tough corners. This enables you to keep your toilet seat smelling fresh and provides easy cleaning year round. It also prevents the growth and proliferation of disease and odor-causing bacteria.

To prevent noisy slamming and potential injury (like pinching fingers), this toilet seat is equipped with a slow close mechanism. This gives you a quieter toileting experience and a safer one that will avoid pinching fingers. The slow close prevents toilet seats from being damaged or cracked because of the impact of slamming. This means that you only need a light tap to lower the seat or a slight shove downward. If you have back problems you no longer have to bend down to silently close it.


The seat has a nice soft close feature that allows the seat to close slowly and not slam down like most common seats. But this may be too slow for some people and make a long line of people that need to use the bathroom. This means that there may not be enough time for the seat to go up and down. Another issue is that although the polypropylene is durable, it is not the most comfortable seat in the world. This would be fine, but for some people that spend a long time sitting on the restroom, this may be an issue. This issue may also affect those who have back problems or lower body problems as well since the seat isn't very ergonomic.

Comparison to Competitors

The Kohler Cachet Quiet-Close seat has a sleek, contemporary design with a lid that conceals the seat ring for a clean look. Like the Bath Royale, it also has a slow-close feature and fits most elongated toilets. However, the Bath Royale seat is more versatile as it is compatible with all major toilet brands, while the Kohler seat is primarily designed for Kohler toilets.

2. Delta Faucet 811901

The Delta Faucet 811901 is an easy-to-install slow-close, elongated toilet seat. It features no-slip bumpers for stability and extra comfort. While both the Bath Royale and Delta Faucet 811901 have slow-close features and fit most elongated toilets, the Bath Royale seat has a quick-release mechanism for easy cleaning, giving it an edge over the Delta seat.

3. Mayfair 1830CHSL000

The Mayfair toilet seat is made from durable molded wood with slow-close technology and a whisper-close hinge, similar to the Bath Royale seat. The seat stays firmly attached to the toilet bowl without shifting. Although the Mayfair seat has an advantage in terms of seat stability, it lacks the quick-release feature for easy cleaning found in the Bath Royale seat.


Based on my personal experience and comparison with other popular toilet seats, the Bath Royale Premium seat stands out as an excellent choice for its durability, compatibility with various toilet brands, and ease of cleaning. Despite minor issues with seat shifting, the Bath Royale Premium toilet seat has met and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this seat for those looking to upgrade their bathroom with a high-quality, easy-to-maintain toilet seat.

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