Transparent Fish Aquarium Elongated Oval Toilet Seat

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Are you someone who brings their sense of humor to their interior décor? Are you someone who enjoys watching fish swim in an aquarium? Have you ever thought of extending your love of fish to the bathroom?  We can help you with that. We have a beautiful transparent, acrylic, fish aquarium which contains real shells and small pebbles. It is a wonderful addition to a bathroom with a sea or fish theme, or it could be the centerpiece of any bathroom.

Features of the Transparent Fish Aquarium Elongated Oval Toilet Seat

  • Metal Hinges for better durability

  • Bumpers for better stability

  • Designed with an ergonomic seat for comfort

  • UV additive ensures seat stays looking great

  • Ultra-Violet Protection Molded into each seat to prevent color fading

  • Crystal clear toilet seat with color coordinated bumpers


This toilet seat is made for an elongated oval toilet seat. And measures 19 inches. It comes with metal hinges and bumpers which assist with its durability as well as its stability.  The Fish Aquarium seat has been ergonomically designed to be as comfortable for the user as possible. The product contains color coordinated bumpers. The resin that it is molded from includes an additive that assists the product in maintaining its original color.
It is shipped and sold by BH Home & Linen. The amount of time it takes to ship a product depends on where you are situated in the world, but it usually takes between 2 to three days Transparent toilet seats have been a trend for a number of years now and are an excellent way for you to transform your bathroom into just one item.
The Fish Aquarium transparent toilet seat looks great when paired with a fish, or aquarium related shower curtain as well. Alternatively, if you have a nautical themed bathroom it would fit in just as well.  As the Fish Aquarium toilet seat is cast in pure, uncolored resin, the product is transparent. This allows it to fit in seamlessly with any bathroom décor, no matter the color scheme.
The Fish Aquarium seat and lid would also fit in well on a houseboat as it automatically has a nautical theme. But even if your bathroom does not have a décor theme, it will still fit in beautifully.  The fish, small shells, and pebbles are cast into the lid as well as the seat, giving the product a thorough pattern. While the shells and pebbles are natural, the brightly colored fish are imitations of the real thing.
As the product is created by casting resin into a mold. You can add almost any items that will not degrade or perish. Organic materials, such as fruit do not work well with resin. The resin will preserve the item for many years.  The manufacturing of transparent toilet seats has combined original craftsmanship with the latest processes of tooling, assembling, and fabrication.
The seats are very easy to clean, just use warm soapy water, there is no need to use another cleaning product. They simply require a quick wiping down as hard brushes and steel wool could scratch the surface.  The Fish Aquarium shouldn’t scratch very easily as they are designed to be as durable as possible and supports the weight of 350 lbs.  All you have to do to install the seat is to tighten the bolts attached to the seat, to your toilet. The Fish Aquarium seat is incredibly easy to install. It tightens down very easily and there is no slippage, unlike other toilet seats.
Kids especially love the Fish Aquarium transparent toilet seat. And for this reason, it is great for encouraging potty training and sitting on a big boy/girl toilet. It will also encourage boys to put the toilet seat down when they have finished using the toilet. The Fish Aquarium transparent toilet seat is a great product to use to decorate a child’s personal bathroom.


Some customers have reported that they can’t seem to keep the washers tightened. So every now and then they have to go in and tighten the washers themselves.  There have also been some reports that the metal fixtures tend to rust after a few years, but you can easily galvanize them if rust starts to occur. Rusting only begins to occur if your toilet splashes excess water when flushing.  The Fish Aquarium transparent resin toilet seat is manufactured with the best quality resin. It is designed to be as durable as possible. It is a product that perishes slowly and customers have reported that it tends to crack or break after about 8 to 10 years.
It is a durable product, but resin is relatively soft and it is prone to scratches, so be careful when you clean it and use only the softest sponges While it can carry the weight of someone who weighs as much as 350 lbs, it has not been tested if it can carry the weight of someone heavier than this As every casting is different, the shells, fish and small pebbles may not be placed in the exact same location as they are shown in the photograph. However, this is proof that your toilet seat and lid are unique.


So, if you are looking for a unique product that will be a conversation piece in your bathroom. Look no further than the Transparent Fish Aquarium Toilet Seat. With its Oval sizing, measuring 19 inches made with shells, pebbles and imitation fish cast in the clear resin. Not only will this item be a talking piece for your guests but it will make you stand out. Your friends will love your sense of fun when it comes to your decorating skills. This Fish Aquarium transparent toilet seat is a durable product. If you purchase it you will enjoy it as a feature in your bathroom for around 10 years. It is easy to clean and requires just a wipe down. Create a conversation with any guests who use your bathroom with this Fish Aquarium style transparent toilet seat and lid.
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