Simple steps on how to measure for a new toilet seat

How to measure a toilet seat

Obtaining toilet seat measurements with these simple steps

The following steps teach anyone the steps required to measure a toilet seat. The measuring steps answer the most common questions. The questions below ensure you’ll order a perfect fitting toilet seat:

What tools needed for measuring a toilet seat?

How to measure seat width?

How to measure seat length?

What unit of measurement should I use?

The importance of getting the measurement right


Our goal is to ensure that you have all the measurements needed, so you can avoid the walk of shame. The walk of shame is when you have to take the toilet seat back to the hardware store because it doesn’t fit. Most hardware stores have great return policies, but time is money. This article will help you save both!

Tools needed for measuring a toilet seat

First, we are going to get the tools for work. Do not worry about these, the tools are an easy and sure thing to find across your home. We will need a measuring tape or a school ruler. Those are for…, Nice!! You’re smart already. Next, we will need a pen and a paper to write up the measurements. We are going to fill in some of these points: ‘bolt width‘, ‘width of toilet bolt‘ and finally the ‘length of toilet bowl‘. I sure hope you have noted those three points. Now let us get down to work and find out how we will replace that seat before someone needs it.

1. How to measure toilet seat bolt width

We will begin by measuring the first position. This is the part that holds the toilet seat to the bowl into position. When you lift the toilet seat up or put it down this ensures it stays in one place. The toilet seat is held down by two bolts. We are going to measure the distance between these two bolts. Measure the distance between the two centers to the bolts. (i.e. From the center of the left bolt to the center of the right bolt). After that record the measurements on the piece of paper. Label this “Toilet Seat Bolt Width” and let’s move onto step 2.

2. How to measure toilet seat width

Now we’ll measure the width of the toilet seat. This is that distance that runs from the left to the right when you are seated on the toilet seat. If you’ve made it this far you’re a certified measuring ninja. I am sure you understand that when I tell you to measure the longest distance between these two ends. This is the true width of the toilet seat. Label this “Toilet Seat Width” and let’s move onto step 3.

3. How to measure seat length

For the final measurement, we are going to take the length of that seat. This is the distance that runs from the front of the toilet seat to the back of the seat. “Where at the back?” you may wonder, the back is that point that cuts vertically through the center of the two bolts at the back there. Take the longest measurement for this one too. Label this “Toilet Seat Length“. Now we have the measurements that we could use at the store or even order online.

What unit of measurement should I use?

Try using the unit of that your country uses most which. This is one of the reasons that I did not post. Standard measurements vary depending on the country you live in. We have noted down measurements and are now ready to buy a new toilet seat.

The importance of getting the measurement right

Most big box stores and online retailers have great return policies. But can you imagine going there and being sold a previously used toilet seat? Yuck!! Right? So regardless of how great their return policy is, you may be pushing the limits of their return policy. Who wants to be stuck with a toilet seat that doesn’t work?


Some of our toilets are made of porcelain which is very fragile. In this case, handle with care. Despite a porcelain toilet’s strength, overtightening toilet seat bolts can crack them. Confirm your toilet seat dimensions again. Then proceed to research the best toilet seat for your toilet. This is the best part, spending that hard earned money on a perfect fitting toilet seat. It is the small things in life. If you need help making a decision check out our Best Toilet Seat reviews. After you have made a decision on the best toilet seat run down to the hardware store or visit amazon.com!

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