Nerdy Toilet Seats: The Good Kind of Bizarre

Nerdy Toilet Seats

In today’s world, crafty geeks and nerds have found a way to express their kind of art in the lavatories. Yes, you read it right! Nerds worldwide have managed to turn mundane things such as toilet seats into something more interesting. From sci-fi artworks to fantasy themes, these nerdy toilet seats are definitely one thing you’d want to have for yourself!

What Are Nerdy Toilet Seats?

These toilet seats are similar to the regular toilet seats that you use in your bathroom except that it does not come in a plain, neutral color. It still functions the same way and has the same purpose–to provide comfort and protection for its users–but has added nerdy arts and designs.

If you are planning to revamp your bathroom, then you might want to check out these fun and witty toilet seats! There are lots of different themes to choose from!

Nerdy Toilet Seat Designs

Without further ado, here are the most favorite Nerdy Toilet Seat designs you will frequently see online.

Under The Sea Toilet Seat

Under the Seat Toilet Seat

If you are the type of person who loves diving to see corals, seahorses, and other below-sea-level creatures, then the nerds got you covered!

Harry Potter Toilet Seat

Harry Potter Toilet Seat

Are you a huge fan of the magical series Harry Potter? Well, this toilet seat is the one you want to see first when you have Alohamora-ed your bathroom door. Your fellow Potterheads will turn green with envy!

Creepy Tarantulas Toilet Seat

Spider Toilet Seat

For unspecific reasons, some people find tarantulas fascinating. However, due to its poisonous bite, it is not advised to keep a real one at home. If you are one of those who have a thing for these eight-legged, hairy creature, then perhaps a tarantula-inspired toilet seat can fill in that void in your heart?

Hand Gesture Toilet Seat

Put me Down Toilet Seat

Do you frequently forget to put the toilet lid down after every use? Aside from being unhygienic, this can be a big issue between you and other users at home. But do not worry, a thumbs-down icon on your toilet seat will serve as your reminder!

Sparkly Toilet Seat

Sparkly Toilet Seat

Jazz up your toilet with a shiny, shimmering, splendid crystal-covered seat! Because, why not?

Chair-like Toilet Seat

Chair Toilet Seat

If for some reason you do not like the sight of your toilet bowl, then you have the power to make it look like a piece of furniture by disguising it with this chair-resembling toilet seat.

Piano Toilet Seat

Piano Toilet Seat

Whether you can play one or not, this toilet seat is perfect for those who have a deep passion for music.

LED Toilet Seat

LED Toilet Seat

You’ve seen this tech in almost everything outside the four corners of your home. Why not take it inside your sanctuary?

This toilet seat has a motion sensor that lights up in different colors every time you sit on it and automatically turns off when you leave your bathroom.

Skeleton Toilet Seat

Skull Toilet Seat

Nothing else will take your Halloween-themed party to the next level than this scary, Skeleton-looking toilet seat. Dare your guests to take a whiz and brace yourself for the hilarious or terrifying scream and reactions! Trick or treat!

Star Wars Toilet Seat

Han Solo Toilet Seat

Calling out Star Wars fanatics out there! How would you feel if you have to face Han Solo every time you need to pee? That may or may not be the best thought at the moment, but this fictional and one of the best characters in the movie has just turned into a toilet seat! You might want to repeat after us, “I only take orders from one person: ME!”

Batman Toilet Seat

Batman Toilet Seat

How talented are these nerds? They even manage to put the dark night onto the toilet seat! You might want to practice your Batman voice when you tell people you need to use the loo.

Super Mario Brother’s Toilet Seat

Super Mario Brothers Toilet Seat

Had painted Old School cool Nintendo!  King Koopa and his Koopa Troopas along with those precious gold coins will be a hit in any nerds bathroom.

Different Types of Toilet Seats

It is true that not all toilet seats are created equal. They come in different sizes, shapes, features, designs, and materials, to name a few. You might probably be aware of this fact, but we think it is wise to do a quick review before you go crazy with the amazing designs that we’re about to share with you and accidentally purchase one that will not fit your toilet bowl!

Two Types of Toilet Seat with Lid

Did you know that toilet seats with lids do a better job in preventing the bacteria from spreading onto your toilet bowl as well as your whole bathroom? Hence, this type reduces your risk of catching diseases. For that reason, we have chosen to tackle this more in this article than those without lids.

  • Standard Close Toilet Seat

This is the common type of toilet seat used in many homes or residential units. It easily fits your regular toilet bowl and has a straightforward design that makes it practical and straightforward to use.

  • Soft Close Toilet Seat

This type of toilet seat is commonly used in commercial settings. It has a slow-closing feature to prevent the lid cover from slamming onto the seat.

Toilet Seat Shapes

  • Round or Oval

This is the traditional yet classic toilet seat shape that most homes have been using. The lid is built in either manual or soft closing.

  • D-Shaped

This one is sleek and looks modern but is commonly used in public restrooms. Just like the traditional round toilet seat, it is designed with either manual or soft closing.

  • Square

This is the elegantly designed toilet seat that blends well in a minimalist-styled bathroom.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks. Did you see one theme that you like? Great! Just remember that these are not one-size-fits-all bathroom fixture. So, before you all get too excited and purchase it, remember to double- or triple-check the dimensions of your toilet bowl to ensure a perfect fit.

Additionally, no matter how unique, witty or funny these nerdy toilet seats are.   The comforts and protection a toilet seat provides and its durability come first.

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