Mayfair 120SLOWE 000 Slow-Close Plastic Toilet Seat Review

Mayfair 120SLOWE 000 Slow-Close Plastic Toilet Seat
Mayfair 120SLOWE 000 is a toilet seat crafted with style and high quality. You can never imagine how it can make your life better and easier. This seat is created for you to have better access and quick installment, as well as cleaning and maintenance.

Features of the Mayfair 120SLOWE 000 Slow-Close Plastic Toilet Seat

• Whisper-Close. The toilet seat can be quietly and slowly closed with only a tap, without pinched fingers and slamming.
• STA-TITE Seat Fastening Design. This system is designed so that you can install the seat with ease and for it to stay firmly attached to the toilet.
• Easy-Clean and Change Metal Hinges. This feature allows you to remove it for easy cleaning and replacement.
• UV Protection. The seat is designed so that the color will not fade.
• Bumpers. It makes the seat durable and stable.


 Mayfair actually has a wide variety of seats. Innovative features are added and benefits are integrated into the Mayfair 120SLOWE 000 model to meet your needs and expectations. It will easily fit into various bathroom styles.

The material of this toilet seat can resist wears, chips, and stains. It is solid. It stays firmly, it does not shift around, and it is attached to the toilet well.

You can expect you Mayfair 120SLOWE 000 toilet seat to be sturdy and comfortable.  Majority of the customers who already tried to use this toilet seat have expressed that it is comfortable. This makes the seat’s benefit, among others. It is perfectly contoured and molded into its elongated shape that it gives you a lot of support and comfort.

Its stability is commendable. Because of its fastening design – STA-TITE Seat Fastening System – the seat never loosens and it will stay firmly attached to the toilet bowl. So, when you use it, you do not feel it shift around. Toilets don’t get easier to clean, unless you’re in staying in a hotel in which someone else is cleaning it anyways so that doesn’t count.  But the toilet seat is really easy to clean, and allows for easy access in all the normal hard to reach places. Maintenance is truly not an issue with Mayfair 120SLOWE 000. It is very crucial that you clean your toilets well every day. You should not overlook the health as well as the aesthetic benefits of an immaculately clean toilet seat.
If you have little ones in the house they’ll appreciate this feature: its easy to open.  Other toilet seats do not have this benefit because of their installation, material, and design. With Mayfair 120SLOWE 000, it opens easily. Thus, when it comes time to clean, you have easy access to all the hard spots to clean. You will have a fresh-smelling and sparkling toilet every time.
The Mayfair 120SLOWE 000 toilet seat is easy to close.  Who wants a toilet seat that bangs or slams or even pinches fingers, with the Mayfair 120SLOWE 000 you won’t have to worry about any of these problems. With this toilet seat, you will only hear tap when it closes and it’s likley you’ll be in another part of the house because it closes so slowly. If this isn’t on your list of possible toilet seat upgrades, it should be. You do not have to worry about any slamming sound of the lid in the wee hours.
In addition, the slow closing of the toilet will preserve your toilet bowl’s integrity. Over time, when loud bangs are sustained by the bowl, it will harm its finish. This toilet seat ensures you’ll have a quite home and it’ll keep its finish for years to come.  It can be installed very easily. You can even install the seat by yourself in just a matter of minutes. Because of the STA-TITE Seat Fastening design, this system makes its installation work very simple and quick. It ensures the seat to stay firmly in place.
 You do not feel shifting around when you sit on it. You do not need to bolt it down to clip it into place. The tightening mechanism removes possibilities of under or over tightening and it ensures that your seat is snug fitly onto your bowl and does not shift around when used. 
Low-quality toilet seats always need to be replaced in just a short time of usage or installment. This is not the case for Mayfair 120SLOWE 000. With this seat, you do not have to replace your toilet seats often.  It is very durable. It is created with sturdy plastic that can resist chips, stains, and wears. It does not break easily. You can buy it with confidence as it will last for many years.
 Mayfair 120SLOWE 000 can fit into any toilet bowls. It is designed to be compatible with nearly all toilet bowls used nowadays in Canada and in the US. Its flexibility is combined with the fact that this toilet seat is made in the US, which makes it more attractive to customers.


 Just like any other products on the market, the toilet bowl also has its weaknesses.  After long usage of the toilet seat, it does not stay up when it is raised. It may be an issue if you have little kids who cannot hold it up while they are doing their business.  If the seat pops out, you will have to remove the entire seat so you can reassemble its hinge. It will not be always easy to do it, especially if your seat has stayed there in place for a long period of time.  Some customer feedback says that some piece of the hinge mechanism sticks out. It was pushed back time and again until it weakened each day.  Some customers have followed the instructions that have you install the bolts on the seat itself and then tighten the nuts to the underside by hand. However, the nut instead stripped the plastic threads, which resulted in an unfastened seat.


Given the advantages of Mayfair 120SLOWE 000 Slow-Close Plastic Toilet Seat, it is a good choice to purchase it. Your bathroom will surely benefit from it.  It is whisper-close so it will not be noisy when you use it in the middle of the night. You do not have to pinch your fingers to make it close slowly. Children tend to slam the seat after use but its design will save your toilet bowl’s finish from being harmed.  It easy to install and it stays firmly in place. You don’t feel it shift around when you use it because of its seat fastening system. Because it is easy to close and open, the toilet seat is very easy to clean or maintain. It is made of durable plastic so it is sturdy. Thus, you will save more as it gives you long years of service.
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