Kohler K-4774-0 Brevia with Quick-Release Hinges Elongated Toilet Seat review

Kohler K-4774-0 Brevia with Quick-Release Hinges Elongated Toilet Seat Review
Are you looking for a toilet seat that is a breeze to install and equally easy to unlatch? Then you have found it with Kohler Brevia Quick Release.

Features of the Kohler Quick Release Toilet Seat

  • Quick release hinges

  • Quick attach hardware

  • Color-matched plastic hinges

  • Ensures correct fit on all one piece and two piece toilets

  • Ergonomic contours


All toilet seats get dirty and stained as time goes by and with repeated use. Unfortunately, not all toilet seats are easy to clean. You have to reach and really dig into those crevices. Especially the part near the hinges, to truly clean it up properly. This can be a challenge, and most people usually fail to truly clean every nook of their toilet seat satisfactorily.
Luckily, with the Kohler K-4774-0 Brevia with Quick-Release Hinges Elongated Toilet Seat, this is not a problem at all. That is because this toilet seat comes with a Quick Release feature that allows the seat to be easily unlatched.
Removing the toilet seat completely from your toilet is now a breeze. You can clean every surface and every cranny of this toilet seat without any problem at all.
After you are done with your cleaning, you can easily reattach the unit. A quick attach mechanism allows for a fast, easy, secure, and convenient installation.
Even if it is such a breeze to take off and put back in, you can be assured that the seat stays put. Whenever you want it to stay put, and unless you unhinge it, it will stay in place safe. Secured so that you will not have to worry about slipping off or falling due to undone hinges. Your rear end stays put and you are surely safe with this toilet seat as you do your business. Installation of this toilet seat is easy, fast, and secure as well.
If you are particular about aesthetics, the Kohler K-4774-0 Brevia with Quick-Release Hinges Elongated Toilet Seat has you covered. It’s color-matched plastic hinges that blend well with the seat itself. So you get a clean and seamless look in your bathroom with your toilet seat.
The hinges on this toilet seat are unlike many other hinges of regular toilet seats. The hinge color matches the seat perfectly. Since the seat is easy to clean, you don’t have to worry about dirt and filth changing that.
With a color-matched hinge, you get a smooth, continuous, and seemingly seamless appearance. So that it looks clean, neat, and tidy at all times. Dirt will be easily distinguishable with the color matching so that you can immediately take care of it before it becomes a problem. The hinges are also made of plastic so you do not have to worry about rusting, staining, or discoloration.
You do not have to worry about matching this toilet seat with your existing toilet. It has been specially engineered to match one and two-piece toilets. No matter what brand or type of toilet you have, the Kohler can definitely accommodate. Hunting for toilet seats that might or might not fit depending on the actual and precise dimensions of your toilet bowl is now history. You can just pick up any Kohler K-4774-0 Brevia with Quick-Release Hinges Elongated Toilet Seat, go home, install it, and you are good to go. Shopping for toilet seats has never been this easy.
To enhance your seating comfort further, this toilet seat is ergonomically designed. The contours are made to follow the natural curvature and alignment of your body.  A good potty posture ensures that you are in a neutral and natural position. This toilet seat does that at all times.
Manufacturers understand that toilet seats are made to be sat on for long periods. That is why they specially designed their toilet seat to enhance comfort. Prolonged sessions will won’t leave your legs numb or back aching. Unlike many basic toilet seats that seemingly become harder and more rigid and uncomfortable with each tick of the clock.


Despite the many different and wonderfully useful features of this toilet seat, some are still not satisfied. It does not have a self-close or a soft-close feature. Just like your everyday average toilet seat, this brand also tends to slam shut instead of closing softly. Yet again, if you want those extra features, you should be willing to pay a little more than what you might expect to spend on this one.


Comfortable, easy to install, easy to detach, and featuring a simple seamless design. That is what you get from this toilet seat brand and everything you might need from a basic toilet seat.
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RenateX - October 14, 2017 Reply

Why would someone prefer quick-release hinges over the standard hinges?

    Project for Home - October 17, 2017 Reply

    Especially if you have young boys using your toilet, many people find that they can thoroughly clean their toilet seat including the urine that has a tendency to get trapped under the toilet seat hinges.

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