How to buy toilet seats

How to Buy Toilet Seats

Buying toilet seats can be a fun prospect for any new home owner. They not only cushion and warm your bottom as you sit on the toilet but also add a quaint finishing touch to your otherwise bare bathroom. There are many varieties when it comes to design and color, and you will have no trouble as to finding the perfect one. The question really is how to buy toilet seats as opposed to where to find them.

There is no absolute method on how to buy toilet seats, but you do not necessarily go through and through with your gut on the matter. There are still a few considerations to make before and during your purchase so that when you do make that buy, you end up making such a great one that, every time you sit down to do your business, you are reminded of what a great decision you’ve made in choosing this particular toilet seat.

Considerations as to how to buy toilet seats:

  1. Consider the occupants of your home and consider their preferences. Are you caring for someone with special needs who might need a special attachment to their commode? Are you all female or all male? Is there a little one in the house who is due for potty training any time soon? Do you have pets? You should take into consideration each and every single member of the household who might either use or simply come in contact with your commode. This way, you can determine which toilet seat will suit everyone or most of your family members’ needs in the bathroom. You might be surprised –doing this in advance eliminates any foreseeable troubles and unwanted bathroom situations which might put some strain on how well you get along in the house.
  2. Determine your toilet shape and dimensions. Generally speaking, there are two types of toilets being sold in most home stores or hardware stores –the round and the oval shaped. A round type of toilet typically occupies less space and is about sixteen and a half inches when measured lengthwise whereas an oval toilet is about two inches longer. That means that a round toilet expectedly takes up less space than an oval one, which means that smaller bathrooms would benefit more from a round toilet than an oval one. However, males typically like the oval one better since it gives them a bigger target when urinating, therefore avoiding drips and resulting to a more sanitary bathroom. If you do have the space to spare for a toilet and are particular about sanitation in your bathroom, a round toilet will be great for you. Your toilet seat generally depends on the shape of your toilet.
  3. Decide on the material you wish. There are two type of materials widely used to make toilet seats –wood and plastic. Generally speaking, wood toilet seats are more durable, more fashionable, and a lot warmer to sit on, which makes them a popular choice among many homeowners. However, they do tend to be more sensitive to moisture, especially if they are not coated well enough with moisture protection. Fluids can easily seep into the wood, cause permanent stains, harbor bacteria, and cause odor, and if the fluid is substantial enough, it could cause the wood material to swell and therefore disfigure your toilet seat. This could become an unsightly thing for some homeowners and you may end up replacing your seat earlier than expected. If you do opt for the plastic type, you will find that they are a lot more resistant to water damage and are a lot easier to clean by just a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and some mild detergent.
  4. Look for the right features. Nowadays, toilet seats are built with extra features that make them more comfortable and make things more convenient for you. Some of these seats have an ergonomic built that supports comfort and proper body alignment so that you do not experience strain when seated for extended periods. Other seats come with a soft-close mechanism that let it close slowly to avoid injury and result in a quieter home since you do not have to deal with slamming seat covers. Also, this feature is great for people with back problems since you do not have to bend down low just to fully close the lid without slamming it.

Again, there is no one single way how to buy toilet seat, but if you take into consideration all the things listed above, you should be good to go. You can choose a toilet seat that is comfortable, convenient, nice to look at, and perfect just for you.

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