Handi-Craft Classic Value Beveled Wood Toilet Seat

Handi-Craft Classic Value Beveled Wood Toilet Seat

The civilized world has come to the point where having a toilet seat in the bathroom isn’t a luxury it is the expectation.  The problem with this expectation is that simply having an old stained toilet seat isn’t only offensive it’s also unhygienic. Not to mention when assessing the value of a home, one of the amenities people use to judge the value of your home, is the bathroom.  Your toilet seat, believe it or not, has a huge impact on the first impression people have.

If you are selling your house or entertaining, a new toilet seat is a simple way to increase the impact of your bathroom. Apart from giving your bathroom an elegant look, toilet seats cover the bowl giving your bathroom an elegant look. When shopping for a toilet seat, it’s essential to look for comfortable, convenient seats which can last for years. One of the most popular toilet seats is the Handi-Craft Classic Value Beveled Wood Toilet Seat.

Features of the Handi-Craft classic value beveled wood toilet seat

  • Ergonomically shaped for better comfort
  • Premium MDF wood
  • Factory-Tested
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Unity-Frankford quality
  • Stunning colors to meet your requirements
  • Compatible with most toilets


Handi-Craft classic value beveled wood toilet seat is made of high-quality MDF wood. The seat is well designed to fit a standard toilet of 16.5 inches. In addition, it hinges are carefully fabricated using high-quality materials. The design and vigorous testing process ensure the toilet seat meats your expectation of durability and endurance.  The ergonomic seat design ensures that the user is always comfortable when using the toilet. The ergonomic design elevates a person feet shifting the hips in the ideal 35% position. This enables the muscle that is responsible for the bowel movement to relax, making bowel flow easier.

Another feature of the seat that makes it outstanding is the material used in production.  The seat is made of Premium Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Wood which allows for the ergonomic shape and elegant look.  MDF Wood is mostly used for flooring and furniture, having a toilet of the same material pulls the toilet seat into the bathroom theme because of the matching texture and quality.  Unlike many toilet products, Handi-Craft classic value beveled wood toilet seats are vigorously tested in the factory to ensure that they meet industry standards and Handi-Crafts high-quality specifications. As a result, users do not have to replace the toilet seats as a result of hinges breakdown or other common quality related problems.

The materials used to make the toilet seats are of high quality making the quality durable. As a result, the user is able to get value on the amount of money spent to buy the product. One of the key quality indicators in any furniture or sanitary ware is easy to clean. The product is made up of easy to clean material making it easy to maintain. In addition, the material used to make the product does not get stains giving a new look for a long period of time.

The toilet comes in a wide variety of stunning colors giving the user the freedom to choose the color that goes well with his/her toilet and bathroom decor. In addition, the toilets seats are compatible with most toilets making them ideal for a wide range of clientele.

No doubt that Handi-Craft classic value beveled wood toilet seats are the best option in the market due to their unique features and numerous advantages. Their elegance, robustness as well as usability and great strengths make them the ultimate choice for your bathroom.

If you’re looking to add some color to your bathroom, the Hand-Craft classic value beveled wood toilet seat is available in many stunning colors.  When shopping for a toilet seat, one of the factors to consider is the colors of the seat, and how the toilet seat colors will affect the appearance of your bathroom. Classic value Beveled seats come in different colors giving you an opportunity to choose the color that matches your bathroom or toilet surface. In addition, the wide variety of values can give you an idea of the ideal appearance of your bathroom.

The materials used to make the toilet’s seats are of high quality and they are factory-tested to ensure that that they serve their intended purpose. This implies that you will save money since you do not have to replace the toilet covers often. In addition, the strong materials reduce chances of bathroom accidents that can arise from broken toilet cover parts. The wooden materials used to make the covers are stain resistant and does not peel off making it even more durable.

Before buying a toilet cover, one has to ensure that it is compatible with his or her toilet in terms of style, size as well as the colors. The product is made to fit almost all types of toilets available in the market. In addition, the seats are ergonomically designed to increase the user comfort when using it.

The ease of cleaning is one of the quality attributes that one should consider when buying a toilet seat cover. Classic value Beveled seats are easy to remove and install making the cleaning process easy. In addition, the material used to make the seat is easy to clean hence improving its hygiene standards. Automatic flushing of the toilet seats increases convenience when using it as well as comfort.

An average person spends two weeks in toilets in every year. As a result, comfortability is one of the key features to look at when shopping for a toilet seat. The toilet seats are ergonomically designed to ensure that the users are comfortable when using it. This prevents the user from health complications that can be attained as a result of bad posture in the toilet.


The toilet design is superb, but the finish quality of the product is a point of major concern for most of its users. In fact, in some instances, some shipped packages come with some small chips on the toilet cover. However, due to their pocket-friendly price, most people prefer the toilet seats since it gives them the value for their money.

Another disadvantage of Handi-Craft Classic Value Beveled Wood Toilet Seat is the heavy lid, which makes it keep slamming time to time. In addition, the lid keeps sliding and swapping at times when you do not expect it to behave like that.


The above article gives a detailed description, advantages and disadvantages of Handi-Craft Classic Value Beveled Wood Toilet Seat. With the above information, you can make an informed decision when buying a toilet seat for your toilet.

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