Church Wooden Toilet Seats – A step above the rest


Church Toilet Seats – A step above the rest

Some products are famous for what they do. The Church Seats are famous for what it does not do. At first glance, the Church toilet seat might seem like an ordinary toilet seat. However, if you try to move it or loosen it up, you will not be very successful.

There is a reason for that. It is the stay tight seat fastening. The key to this system is a unique fastener designed to prevent a seat from becoming loose, which is one of the most common problems people experience with a seat.

Will Church Toilet Seats fit certain brand toilets?

According to Lowes, the church toilet seats will fit all universal size, standard toilet brands, and shapes. The fender bushing fits snugly into the mounting holes of the toilet bowl. It keeps the bolt center. In cases where the hole sizes vary, the bushing on a stay type bolt always keeps a secure fit. The stay tight nut is also cleverly designed to take the guesswork out of tightening. When the nut is at its optimal tightness, the lower portion snaps off simply and safely.

Who Makes Church Toilet Seats?

A company called Bemis makes the Church Toilet Seats. The Church Toilet seats can be easily purchased at Lowe’s supplies as well as at any Home Depot franchise, due to its wide availability and recognition in the market.  Check out our review of the best selling Bemis 1500EC346 Molded Wood Elongated Toilet Seat.  It is the twist hinge toilet seat, and it is truly unique in its installation and utility. They have wide stable professional pewter looking hinges.

According to http://www.churchseats.com/, the length of the Church Toilet seat is 16.5 inches. The bolts are universal and when you take the seat out of the box, it is easy to assemble. You have to first take the plastic bolts out of the plastic wrapping. The teeth design on the toilet seat actually turns and clamp on top of the bolt, which is extremely easy and convenient. If you are trying to figure out which is the easiest toilet seat to install, the Church Toilet seat is the easiest by far.

Reasons to buy Church Toilet Seats?

After a certain period of time, most people may notice that they would need to replace their toilet seat. Sometimes it is a mildew growing incident, which is very bad for hygiene. Sometimes the mildew does not even clean up easily off the toilet seat. This is when you should consider replacing the existing toilet seat with a Church Toilet Seat.

Now part of the reason why your seat may need to be replaced is that it does not have DuraGuard. DuraGaurd is a proprietary chemical that is mixed in with the paint of the seat. This mixture actually retards the growth of the offending microbial, even in moist and warm environments.

The frequency at which you keep your toilet dry and scrubbed, does not matter. Bacteria multiply at an exponential rate, which means the material on which bacteria comes into contact is always susceptible to colonization.

How to remove hinges for church toilet seats?

The Church Toilet Seat has easy remove hinges. It requires a simple twist after which you can pull the seat right out, which makes it easier to clean as well. The points at which toilet seats attach are usually the hardest to clean; that is where the hinge meets the ceramic bowl. The screws are made of composite plastic and are non-degradable and prevents corroding.  This area of the toilet is susceptible because the screws are exposed come into contact with water, humidity and the urine itself, which is acidic in nature.

The Church Toilet seats also have two sets of bumpers on the bottom of the seat. This prevents the toilet seat from splitting in the middle.  These bumpers evenly distribute the weight that is applied to them when the person is seated.

The Convenience of the Church Toilet Seat

The Church Toilet seat also has the added feature, known as a quiet close seat. It is a very beneficial feature, which is built into the hinge of the seat. This helps during the time when both children and adults go to close the lid. If the lid is suddenly just left, the lid does not smash down on the bowl seat and make a loud noise or worse yet smash small children’s fingers. Instead the toilet seat gradually declines.

According to http://www.homedepot.com/, the church toilet seat is a full seat design and it is not split in the middle. It has a good thick seat that will completely cover up the ceramic part of the bowl and leaves a bit of overhanging in the front for good measure. In conclusion, The Church Toilet Seat is the right choice for complete utility and hygienic surety.

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