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Best toilet seat advice from the Project for Home website.

How to use a toilet seat cover

Public Restroom Seat Cover

Toilet seat covers are flushable and disposable thin sheets of paper that you pull from a dispenser inside the bathroom of commercial businesses such as restaurants and shopping centers. The toilet seat covers are meant to be taken out of the dispenser and placed on top of the toilet seat, acting as a barrier between […]

Do toilet seats come in different sizes?

Toilet Seats Hanging on the Wall

Do toilet seats come in different sizes? The answer is, toilet seats are available in two shapes — round and elongated. Round and elongated toilet seats do have sizes and can be sized to fit your toilet bowl with a little effort. If you want accurate sizing don’t eyeball it and guess. Guessing is how […]

How to buy toilet seats

How to Buy Toilet Seats

Buying toilet seats can be a fun prospect for any new home owner. They not only cushion and warm your bottom as you sit on the toilet but also add a quaint finishing touch to your otherwise bare bathroom. There are many varieties when it comes to design and color, and you will have no […]

Are toilet seats universal?

Public Bathroom Stall

Are toilet seats universal? Generally speaking, if you are in the US or in Canada, the answer is mostly yes –unless of course if you are looking at a specially made toilet with a non-standard shape or a non-standard size such as smaller toilets meant for children attending kindergarten. But let us not talk about […]