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Best toilet seat advice from the Project for Home website.

What are toilet seats made of?

What are toilet seats made of? Is your bathroom toilet seat uncomfortable, splintering, broke, or out of date? Today’s toilet seats manufacturing produces durable plastic and quality wooden materials. These materials will keep bathroom visitors content over years of bathroom uses. Find out which type of material suits your bathroom seat needs the best. Plastic […]

How to Use a Bidet Toilet Seat?

How to Use a Bidet Toilet Seat?

If you grew up wiping up with toilet paper after using the toilet, then you might not know how a bidet works. If you haven’t used one before, then chances are when you encounter one, you might feel a little intimidated to try it out. It’s fairly easy to learn how to use a bidet […]

How to Replace a Toilet Seat Quickly and Efficiently

How to Replace a Toilet Seat Quickly and Efficiently

You would assume that learning how to replace a toilet seat is something you wouldn’t necessarily have to take on. People believe that it is a job only meant for a handyman. So, if you are about to call one right now, hang up the phone! Installing a new toilet seat or replacing one is […]

What toilet seat fits my toilet seat style?

A girl found a toilet that fits her style

Everyone’s got a different hairstyle or clothing fashion that they present to the world. The same is true for the bathroom. When family and friends come over to visit, what is it that you want them to see? How do you want it to feel when you or your guests sit down? Are you looking […]

What toilet seat do I need?

A guy realizing he bought the right toilet

Have you ever gone into a friend’s restroom and felt like you are in a whole other dimension? Did their bathroom make you feel like you were at a spa? Was it fun? Or did it make you feel like you should really step your bathroom game up? Deciding what kind of toilet seat you […]

Types of toilet seats

Types of Toilets

What types of toilet seats can I buy?   The Plumbing Info informs that there are two types of toilet bowls and two types of toilet seats that go with them. Round and elongated. They also differentiate that there are toilet seats with lids and without them. And some that are open and closed front […]

What are the best toilet seat brands?

Best Toilet Seat Brands

What are the best toilet seat brands? Getting the best brand of toilet seat for your family’s bottom is a priority when you think about what having a bad toilet would look and feel like. Do you have a hard and uncomfortable seat that makes your legs fall asleep? Has it been longer than 5, […]

Should a toilet seat be placed up or down?

Toilet Seat up or Down?

Should you leave the toilet seat down? Should a toilet seat be placed up or down? This is an age-old question that has a simple answer and a complicated one. The simple answer is, both — it should always go up and down, opening and closing. In fact, The Scotsman reports that on a weekly average, […]

My toilet seat will not stay up

My Tiolet Seat will not Stay Up

My toilet seat will not stay up Keeping a toilet lid and seat open is an issue for many households around the world. Having to place a toilet seat up after it’s fallen exposes you to germs and is unsanitary. There are toilet seat hook gadgets on the market that are practical and helpful, but […]

Top 10 reasons you should be buying a new toilet seat

Shopping. Hardware store salesperson assistant helping young man choosing toilet bowl

Do you still have the toilet seat that came with the house you’re living in? Is it uncomfortable to sit on? Does it have signs of wear and tear? Are you expecting or have small children? If so, you’ll need to know how to assess when you need to buy a new toilet seat. Keep […]