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How Dirty Are Toilet Seats: Do You Dare to Know?

How Dirty Are Toilet Seats

Every nook and cranny of your toilet is exposed to germs. And no matter how often you clean it, germs will always be there. This is because, among all the rooms in your house, the bathroom, especially the toilet bowl, is the most used–although most toilet bowls have toilet seats with cover for one to sit […]

How to Tighten Toilet Seat and Not Let It Wobble

How to Tighten Toilet Seat and Not Let It Wobble

The toilet is something we use multiple times a day, which is why even the smallest of issues will be easily noticed the second we sit on it. We can all agree that a loose toilet seat is one of the worst things. For this reason, knowing how to tighten toilet seat is important. A […]

Nerdy Toilet Seats: The Good Kind of Bizarre

Nerdy Toilet Seats

In today’s world, crafty geeks and nerds have found a way to express their kind of art in the lavatories. Yes, you read it right! Nerds worldwide have managed to turn mundane things such as toilet seats into something more interesting. From sci-fi artworks to fantasy themes, these nerdy toilet seats are definitely one thing […]

Are toilet seats universal?

Public Bathroom Stall

The complete guide to Universal Toilet Seats Are toilet seats universal? Generally speaking, if you are in the US or in Canada, the answer is mostly yes. Unless you are looking at a specially made toilet with a non-standard shape or a non-standard size. A common non-stanard size is a smaller toilet meant for children […]

How to buy toilet seats

How to Buy Toilet Seats

This article will give you everything you need to know about How to buy a toilet seat.  Buying toilet seats can be a fun prospect for any new homeowner. They provide cushion and warm your bottom as you sit on the toilet. A simple toilet seat also adds a quaint finishing touch to your otherwise […]

Church Wooden Toilet Seats – A step above the rest


Church Toilet Seats – A step above the rest Some products are famous for what they do. These seats are famous for what it does not do. At first glance, these toilet seats might seem like an ordinary toilet seat. Yet, if you try to move it or loosen it up, you will not be […]

Simple steps on how to measure for a new toilet seat

How to measure a toilet seat

Obtaining toilet seat measurements with these simple steps The following steps teach anyone the steps required to measure a toilet seat. The measuring steps answer the most common questions. The questions below ensure you’ll order a perfect fitting toilet seat: What tools needed for measuring a toilet seat? How to measure seat width? How to […]

Best Raised Toilet Seats for Safer and Convenient Toilet Use

Best Raised Toilet Seats for Safer and Convenient Toilet Use

The porcelain material of the toilet bowl can be quite chilly when you sit on it. Thanks to the toilet seat which provides comfort and convenience, aside from their decorative element that complement bathroom interior. There’s a wide variety of toilet seats today, so you can actually choose the best raised toilet seat. A raised […]

How to Measure Toilet Seat and Install a New One

How to Measure Toilet Seat and Install a New One

The toilet seat adds comfort and stability on the chilly toilet rim. While it comes in standard sizes nowadays, it would still be wise to measure it before buying a new one. There are general guidelines for the measurements, and there are also proper ways on how to measure toilet seats accurately. Toilet seats come […]

What to Use to Clean Toilet Seats?

What to Use to Clean Toilet Seats

Nobody really prefers using a dirty toilet seat, and we are certain that you don’t either. For this reason, we have decided that in this article, we will share with you our tips when it comes to what to use to clean toilet seats. Taking a quick glance at the cleaning industry, you will find […]

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