What are the best toilet seat brands?

Best Toilet Seat Brands

What are the best toilet seat brands?

Getting the best brand of toilet seat for your family’s bottom is a priority when you think about what having a bad toilet would look and feel like. Do you have a hard and uncomfortable seat that makes your legs fall asleep? Has it been longer than 5, 10, or 15 years since you’ve gotten a new upgraded toilet seat? If this sounds like you, you’re one among many people who are unhappy with their toilet time and are looking for ways to improve it.

Amazon lists their top-selling toilet seat brands as:

  1. Mayfair
  2. Kohler
  3. TOTO
  4. Bemis
  5. Bath Royale

Rate My Toilet lists their top toilet seat brands as:

  1. Kohler
  2. Ellegantz
  3. Mayfair
  4. TOTO
  5. Brondell
  6. Bemis

Here is some information about each top rated toilet seat company, what they supply, and their individual pros and cons.


  • Website: toiletseats.com
  • The largest toilet seat maker in the world.
  • They cover every bathroom type, including the single family home, lakehouse, cabin, condo and townhome, apartments, schools, foodservice industry, healthcare, hotels, private businesses, sports, retail, travel.
  • Using color chips, they will color match your toilet seat to whatever color you want.
  • They sell seat types ranging from traditional toilet seat shapes, potty training seats, special physical needs seats, open front, oversized, unique shape, and even marine seats for ships, houseboats, and boats.
  • They sell seats that are made from these materials — durable molded wood, long-lasting plastic, padded soft, wood veneer, solid bamboo.
  • Hinge features they carry are no slamming, easy cleaning, and easy take off, always secure, adjustable, standard hinges, metal hinges, and plastic hinges.
  • They carry products that are made in the USA, eco-friendly, and are child-friendly.

Pros: Well-known brand, they have a variety of toilet seats available for any type of situation and need, they have “color” match, they’re eco-friendly and made in the USA.

Cons: So many choices!


  • Website: Kohler Toilet Seats
  • They sell elongated and round toilet seats.
  • They won’t color match, but they do have a variety of colors.
  • They have toilet seats with smart features that include: cleansing, lighting, and deodorizing toilet seats.
  • They sell seats that are made of these materials: plastic, molded wood, and solid wood.
  • Hinge types that they carry are: quick release, quick attach hardware, quiet closing, and standard hinges.
  • They carry grip tight bumpers and have toilet seats that do not.

Pros: Well-known brand, variety of toilet seats, high-tech seats available.

Cons: Doesn’t list if they are eco-friendly or EPA supported.


  • Website: TOTO
  • They have elongated and round style toilet seats.
  • The materials the toilet seats are made from are polypropylene and wood.
  • They carry these types of styles: classic, commercial, modern, and transitional toilet seats.
  • They sell seat types are equipped with a dryer, open front, open front with a cover, quick release, and quiet open/close.
  • Colors are mostly white, brown/gray cream colors or black.

Pros: Well-known brand and lots of options to choose from.

Cons: Limited color choices and no environmental mentions.

Bath Royale:

  • Website: Bath Royale Amazon Site
  • They are an EPA WaterSense Partner, which helps with natural resource conservation efforts.
  • Their toilet seats are “Long-lasting, Soft-closing & Easy to clean”.
  • They have elongated and round seat types.
  • They have closed and open cover seats.
  • There are 3 basic colors of almond/bone, biscuit/linen, and white.
  • The types of seats they have are the standard type, family type with potty training/small toilet seat attached, easy quick release for cleaning toilet seats, and commercial business toilet seats.

Pros: EPA partner, concerned about environmental impact, has lots of variety toilet seats to choose from, child-friendly seats with potty training toilets attached.

Cons: Lesser-known brand, has a limited color variety available, and no high-tech warming and cleaning toilet seats.


  • Website: Ellegantz Genie Bidet
  • Type: bidet toilet seat attachment
  • Adjustable specifications to have soft or strong water pressure and you can choose where you want to be cleaned.
  • Fits most toilets.
  • No need for toilet paper reduces your footprint and is eco-friendly.
  • No electricity needed.
  • Has a quiet open and close lid.
  • Only available in white color.

Pros: Thoroughly cleans you after you go, no use for toilet paper, reduces your environmental impact, no electricity needed, adaptable to various types of toilets, gives you the best personal hygiene.

Cons: Lesser known toilet seat brand, limited color palette, only found on their Shopify or Amazon stores, less variety with the type of seat (cushioned/elevated/warming).


  • Website: Brondell
  • What they are known for are heated toilet seats with a toilet bowl illuminating night light, and carry bidet toilet seats.
  • What it’s good for is cold temperatures, seasonal changes, morning use, if you get cold easily, or have stiff joints and muscles.
  • It’s great for seeing in the dark, children, people who have low eyesight, visitors who may not know your home well.
  • Also great for maintaining good hygiene.
  • They come in two colors — white and cream/biscuit.
  • Can fit an elongated and round toilet.
  • The toilet lid will close/open quietly.
  • Nightlight uses a blue LED light bulb, which is energy friendly.
  • Toilet seat gets power from a wall outlet.

Pros: Tech-lovers toilet, they have a heated seat that comes with a toilet bowl night light, they have a bidet that cleans you, is great for seniors and children, perfect for cold days, energy efficient, quiet lid, and uses little power.

Cons: Lesser known toilet seat brand, very limited colors available, and lists only two types of toilet seats on their website.

Toilet seat brands and questions to think about

When choosing the right toilet seat brand, you’ll have to think about your specific needs and wants. Is it only you sitting on your throne, or do you have lots of visitors or a family as well? Do you want a standard toilet seat or a high-tech cleaning one? Do you live in a cold area where toilet seats can freeze? Is environmental impact a huge issue for you? These are all questions you should ask yourself while assessing each toilet seat manufacturer. Once you answer those questions, it will be easier to tackle which seat you should invest your money in.

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