Best Soft Close Toilet Seats for Added Style and Comfort

Best Soft Close Toilet Seats for Added Style and Comfort

Ah, toilet seats. Nothing is more satisfying than sitting on a comfortable toilet seat after a long day’s work. Who would have thought that picking the best soft close toilet seats would one day be among the items on your shopping list when decorating, furnishing, or renovating your home?

When you’re sitting on the john during those late-night visits, a comfortable and durable toilet seat can make all the difference in the world. Yet, it can be quite a challenge to find that one toilet seat that matches your needs and preferences.

Best Soft Close Toilet Seat Reviews

Have no fear! In this article, we’ve reviewed the best soft close toilet seats on the market to help you choose what will work best for your home.

1. Bellingham Elongated Soft Close Toilet Seat

Bellingham claims that they have created the perfect ergonomic toilet seat for your maximum comfort when taking long bathroom breaks. Let’s learn more about it.

These are the several key features of the Bellingham Elongated Soft Close Toilet Seat:

  • Soft Close Lid: Never again will you have to worry about slamming the toilet seat and waking people in the middle of the night or give yourself a heart attack when you accidentally slam it down when you were sure that you gave it a soft nudge to close it.
  • Ergonomic Design: This toilet seat’s convenient design was made for maximum comfort. It was designed specifically for those long bathroom breaks. Whether reading a book, browsing through your social media feed on your phone or playing a game—you’ll be sitting and relieving yourself with maximum comfort the entire time.
  • Proper Fit: Once fastened properly, this seat has been engineered to ensure that not only will it attach well to your toilet, it will also fit very well. Further, it utilizes rubber nodes on the bottom of the attachment to prevent loosening and wiggling in the future.


  • Maximum comfort for long bathroom breaks
  • Soft close lid ensures that no slamming happens
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Staining, Fading, Chipping, and Peeling Resistant
  • Has quick release for easy cleaning
  • Fits the majority of toilet brands


  • Nuts and bolts are made of plastic
  • Soft close is painfully slow
  • Seat may be too wide for you if you are of a smaller build


2. Mayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat

Next up on our list is the Mayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat. One key difference of this toilet seat is that it is made of enameled wood. Most toilet seats are made of molded plastic which is quite lightweight compared to wooden seats.

While one may argue that wooden seats are purely decorative additions, it all boils down to personal taste.

Further, the Mayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat has many great features to offer, including:

  • No Slamming: It comes with the territory that wooden toilet seats will be heavier than their plastic counterparts. What’s amazing about this seat is that it closes slowly and quietly with a tap of your fingers—meaning you won’t need to pinch your fingers to close the lid.
  • Snap-on Installation: Revolutionary STA-TITE system makes sure that this seat is easy to install with just a wrench.
  • Chip and Scratch Resistant: The durable enameled wood seat provides a high-quality gloss finish that makes sure chipping and scratching are minimized.


  • Made of heavy enameled wood
  • Scratch resistant material
  • Able to fit all round toilets
  • Easy to install
  • Hinges are made of metal (chrome)
  • Seat base has 2 forward support bumpers instead of 4
  • Has a smooth High-Gloss Finish that matches the look of ceramic
  • Lid is also made of wood
  • Seat can hold 250-300 pounds of weight


  • Cannot spray bleach cleaner on it directly—will cause stains
  • Wooden seat has a tendency to mold up if you live near a beach or ocean
  • Harder to clean than plastic seats.
  • Must use non-abrasive cleaners so that enamel finish does not fade away
  • Does not easily remove from the toilet—if you want to clean it, you have to clean it on the toilet


3. Delta Faucet’s Morgan Round Front Toilet Seat

The Delta Faucet’s Morgan Round Front Toilet Seat has the most features that you would expect from high-quality, expensive plastic toilet seats. Featuring ergonomic design and a slow close lid, this toilet seat can give you quite a run for your money.

This Delta Faucet’s product has plenty of areas where it excels, including but not limited to:

  • Heavy Plastic: What makes the Delta Faucet Toilet Seat different from most plastic toilet seats is that it is sturdier built and more heavyset than other plastic toilet seats. This is perfect for people who are on the heavy side as they will have no worries that the seat will break.
  • Slow Close: Despite being heavy for a plastic toilet seat, what’s amazing about this toilet seat is that both the toilet seat and the lid have a slow close feature. Goodbye to slamming toilet seats and waking everyone up in the middle of the night!
  • Non-Slip Seat Bumpers: Innovative no-slip seat bumpers improve stability for extra comfort and no shifting.
  • Fits most round front bowls: Most toilet seats found in bathrooms all over the country are round. The Delta Faucet’s Morgan Round Front Toilet Seat is perfect because it fits most round front bowls brands, so you don’t have to worry about having incorrect specifications when installing it.


  • Solid construction ensures that added weight gives increased strength and durability
  • Has installation instructions in the package as well as components for easy DIY action
  • Users can easily change out hinges in case of breakage
  • Seat part is curved for maximum comfort


  • Seat hole might be smaller than usual toilet seats
  • Smaller seat design even if it is heavily built



Personal taste is vital when choosing the right accessory or piece of furniture when you are furnishing a home. Choosing the right toilet seat is a very important decision as this will decide what will give you comfort in the long run during those long bathroom breaks and let’s face it, you will use your toilet seat on a regular basis.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to forgo style completely over utility. Given that your main options will be wood or plastic, both options have their pros and cons each. Plastic seats—as you may have read in this article (like the Bellingham Elongated Soft Close Toilet Seat)—come with an array of diverse designs and especially soft close seats. The main gripe with plastic, however, is that it can be cold to the touch and can be bound to surprise you, especially during winter, but even during summer/spring.

On the other hand, wood, as with the Mayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat, may be less resistant to standard wear and tear if treated well. It will also provide you with a much warmer seat and can definitely complete the feel and style of your bathroom brilliantly.

Choosing a toilet seat should also be done in terms of the design of the room. Make sure that when you buy a toilet seat, it will match the existing color scheme of your room. As plastic seats are mostly white, wooden seats like the Mayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat is quite handy for these situations as they offer three colors (white, black, and red) to complement the design of your bathroom.

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