Best Raised Toilet Seats for Safer and Convenient Toilet Use

Best Raised Toilet Seats for Safer and Convenient Toilet Use

The porcelain material of the toilet bowl can be quite chilly when you sit on it. Thanks to the toilet seat which provides comfort and convenience, aside from their decorative element that complement bathroom interior. There’s a wide variety of toilet seats today, so you can actually choose the best raised toilet seat.

A raised toilet seat is generally intended for the elderly and differently-abled individuals. It has added height and features that provide extra support that these individuals need.

The raised toilet seat should be durable enough to support the weight of the user. It should be resistant to cracks, stains, and breaks to ensure the user’s safety. It should also be easy to clean to keep your bathroom hygienic.

Best Raised Toilet Seat Reviews

Considering the features of a good raised toilet seat, we have picked three of the best-selling ones. Each toilet seat comes in various features, advantages, and drawbacks, so let’s evaluate them in detail.

1. AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat

This toilet seat is a combination of comfort for adults. It comes in various features and pros that can add safety and ease of toilet use.

The Key Features

The AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat adds four inches to the original toilet bowl seat which is great assistance for anyone who needs a boost in sitting down or standing up from the toilet. The capability to support up to 400 pounds or 181 kilograms of user weight, so it can accommodate various body masses and sizes.

It comes in white color with plastic or polyethylene material that can withstand daily use for years. It has a seamless construction and is easy to clean to keep the toilet sanitary.

The AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat can fit standard toilet bowls. It has dimensions of 15 by 15 by 4 inches and a seat depth and width of 15 inches. It is lightweight and portable enough, making it easy to set up and remove from the toilet bowl seat.

The Pros:

  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Convenient and durable
  • High weight capacity
  • Smooth construction
  • Comfortable
  • Stays in place; doesn’t move
  • Great for elderly use
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

The Con:

  • No side handles

2. Vaunn Medical Raised Toilet Seat

When it comes to safety and comfort, the Vaunn Medical Raised Toilet Seat is one of the best choices. It is integrated with various security features that put the user’s mind at ease while using the toilet.

The Key Features

The Vaunn Medical Raised Toilet Seat adds four inches height on the toilet bowl seat, so it is easier to sit down and stand-up. It is ideally constructed for elderly, injured individual, pregnant, and other people with limited mobility.

What makes it more secure are the features like integrated push pins, locking mechanism, and an anti-slip surface that altogether keeps the Vaunna toilet seat in place. It doesn’t move while the user is sitting on or standing up from it.

The user can also grasp the detachable handrails of the Vaunn Medical Raised Toilet Seat. It is padded too, so the hands don’t slip or get pricked. When it comes to comfort, it has seamless built and edges for better toilet seat experience.

The Vaunn Medical Raised Toilet Seat is portable and easy to install. In fact, it has approximately five pounds of weight and measures 16.5 by 18.5 by 4 inches. It fits standard as well as elongated toilet bowls.

With its construction and heavy-duty plastic material, the Vaunn Medical Raised Toilet Seat stays durable even with continuous use for years. Additionally, it complies with ADA standard that proves it has anti-bacterial features and enough strength.

The Pros:

  • Built with safety, ergonomic side handles
  • Heavy-duty and hygienic
  • Non-slip surface design
  • Can be locked in place
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Fits most toilet bowls
  • No assembly needed

The Con:

  • Quite expensive

3. Vive Toilet Seat Riser

If an additional four inches of height is quite too high for you, the Vive Toilet Seat Riser is a little lower. While it is quite expensive, its features make it all worth it.

The Key Features

The Vive Toilet Seat Riser is a 3.5-inch high that easily fits any standard toilet bowl.  Made with composite materials that can support up to 300 pounds of user weight. It helps injured people, the elderly, and other people with limited mobility to sit down or stand up without bending their hips.

The Vive Toilet Seat Riser has built and mechanisms that securely attach to the toilet bowl. It has screws, washers, and interior lip on the bottom that conveniently installs on the toilet without requiring any tool. It also comes with anti-skid strips that prevent it from moving when in use.

Another good feature is the padded side handles with 22 inches space where the user can hold on to while sitting or standing up. This handle is removable to fit different usage conditions and preferences, as well as made with rust-resistant aluminum for easy cleaning. Just wipe it off or wash with disinfectants.

The Pros:

  • Ergonomic side grips
  • Stays in place
  • No-tool installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient and safe
  • Durable
  • High weight capacity
  • Comes with instruction manual
  • Complete package

The Con:

  • Expensive

The Final Verdict

Using the toilet is one of the daily hurdles of people with limited mobility. Thanks to modern toilet seats that add height and comfort to the toilet bowl, they no longer have to struggle much. These seats are not just mere decorative elements, but they have valuable use.

The reviewed best raised toilet seats are all worth it depending on user needs and preferences, but among the three toilet seats, the Vaunn Medical Raised Toilet Seat stands out. It adds four inches and fits most toilet bowls brands and styles.

The seat can also be easily installed without tools and secures its place for added protection and peace of mind. It also provides excellent support because of its padded side handles.

However, the Vaunn Medical Raised Toilet Seat is quite expensive, so if you have a limited budget, the AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat is a good choice.

Get one of the toilet seats now to make life less difficult and more convenient.

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